Burano (Watercolor in VR)

Dec 10, 2018
Watercolor paintings by Maja Wrońska
VR Design by Daniele Pugni
Text By Kelsey Nuttall


Art is so much about immersion and transcendence. As society and technology evolve to change people’s standards for what really passes the test to make something “believable,” or “engaging,” likewise, art evolves.

Interestingly, some traditional artists retain age-old art forms without adaptations for the stimulation-centric world we live in, almost pushing against the societal call for motion, action. But here, Maja Wrońska and Daniele Pugni make a sort of compromise with the art world and the tech world—maintaining the integrity of fine watercolor painting, but enhancing it subtly with a VR twist.

The conceptual simplicity of this piece keeps it from the world of overwrought experimentation. It is a “look around” one artist’s rendering of a corner of colorful Burano, island of lace. It satisfies any art appreciator’s natural desire—to step into the painting.

To see more about Wrońska and Pugni’s process, see this Bēhance overview of the work’s construction, from seven straight-perspective line drawings into one 360° equilateral painting.


In the VR experience, the sketches slowly become the watercolor paintings. The video is omnidirectional—the entire 360° panorama is painted at once, and viewers can choose where to look.


A complete view of the panorama. Viewed through stereoscopic lenses, the panorama looks like a regular watercolor landscape.

Learn more about the artists, Maja Wrońska and Daniele Pugni.