Niklas Maeckle, Dwellings


Tokyo Storefront #10
Based on an illustration by Mateusz Urbanowicz

Commoner's House.png

Commoner's House
Based on an illustration by Gabe Kralik


One of the most compelling ways to look at art is as though each piece is a building block—each piece as a voxel, as it were.

As artists, we are continually drawing from one another’s work to create something new, fresh, reimagined. In this way, we can think of art as a bunch of interconnected links, a domino effect, a snowball gaining momentum as it tears downhill.

Here, Niklas Maeckle has brought work from Mateusz Urbanowicz and Gabe Kralik into a new dimension, by transferring them to a different medium, and building out, with new pieces, the imagined entirety of the small buildings drawn or painted by the inspiring artists. For Maeckle, art is dialogue.

The result is a pair of buildings (or more—see more of Maeckle’s work here) that transform from something almost personal to something digital, which is at a turn both more complete—and sparser, than the original works. By cleaning and isolating the subjects of his work, Maeckle seems to draw more attention to the white space, and what could possibly form within it.

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Artist: Nicklas Maeckle (knos)
Title: Dwellings
Year: 2018
Medium: Digital (MagicaVoxel)

Sep 24, 2018
Text by Kelsey Nuttall