Welcome to Moonstone.

We are a collective of writers, editors, artists, and designers who have a fresh vision of what a publication that focuses on writing and design could be, and how it might belong to a cultural movement that motivates artistic appreciation by recognizing big ideas presented in non-traditional formats. We are thinking about the magazine manifesting three key elements: compelling writing, distinctive art, and original design.

Moonstone derives its original essence from a unique synthesis of what looks good and what sounds good. To us, it’s a symbiotic relationship; art and writing from two separate sources can be integrated in a way that is mutually reinforcing and even create new meaning. We aim to find compelling ways to present the written word along with visual art to stimulate a new and multi-faceted understanding of the material.

We are setting out to design each issue independently, using the issue theme and the content to guide the overarching aesthetic. For our first issue, we will provide the design ourselves, setting the tone for what kinds of creative elements we want Moonstone to have, and the range of possibilities we’re setting our sights on. In future issues, we will invite an artist to collaborate on an issue design, creating art objects that will live physically and digitally.

Finally, as a nascent publication, Moonstone proposes to usher new artists and writers into the cultural space. Experimental art and writing often has challenges finding a good home. In these cases, innovation is stifled. By finding and curating new and intriguing work, Moonstone aims to vitalize the publishing community.

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