Moonstone is a digital magazine that embodies the principles of the humanities. We aim to discuss the deeper questions of our species and our time in honest and original ways. The search for truth and meaning is a Sisyphean task, one that will outlive us. We are content to catalogue elements of the journey in the form of artistic expression and elegant arguments. 

Moonstone accepts three types of submissions:
· Essays
· Creative Writing (fiction, poetry, anything in between)
· Art (visual art, 3D art, photography, experimental)

Our features appear under the title "Meditations." These features are related to our current theme.

Each issue of Moonstone is a stand-alone compilation of works, with an original design created by a guest artist. Our logo has been created with this purpose in mind: malleable but bold. The goal is to create sui generis issues that work together as a whole but still maintain an individual artistic aura.

Join our effort and submit your work here.





Creative Director
Stefano Cagnato

Kelsey Nuttall

Art & Design
Stefano Cagnato

Administrative Director
Calder Burgam

Contributing Editors
Stewart Finnegan